A Note From The Editor

Thank you for checking out Public Servants BEARING WITNESS.


As a public servant myself I promise to adhere to the Walter Williams' Journalist Creed and to do my best to bring you the news from around the world that you need and want to know. In order to serve the public to the best of my ability I need to hear from you and learn from you. Feel free to let me know what works and what doesn't work. What countries you want to hear more about? What stories do you want to learn more about (background, underlying cause and immediate cause)?


My passion has always been under reported news and to help bring it to the mainstream. If you'd like to submit photos to be considered for publication in one of our issues please join the 2013 Submissions Flickr Group. If you'd like to see the portfolios of our published photographers check out the PS Bearing Witness Published Photos Group. As time goes on we hope to include more sections to the magazine. In our second edition we included a photo essay section as well as a feature on a group of indigenous peoples. We're striving to be able to include more sections for you to  enjoy and find empowering because knowledge is power. Please contact P.S. Bearing Witness via email at info@psbearingwitness.com or you can contact me directly on twitter @sarahjreports

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Sarah Jones

Photo By Billy Rood