Public Servants BEARING WITNESS serves as a supplement to mainstream news' output.  P.S. BEARING WITNESS was created to help maintain an informed public by covering the major international stories mainstream media has missed or oversimplified.

P.S. BEARING WITNESS also serves as a reminder because when a person decides to become a  journalist he/she takes an oath to serve the public. An informed society is an efficient society.

P.S. BEARING WITNESS is also a home for journalist to print the stories their editors wont publish. Some of the contributors are part of mainstream media others are freelancing in countries mainstream news thinks you don't care about. Some of our contributors use pen names. Our philosophy is that if someone in the world has encountered a situation that affects others it's our job as journalists to bear witness and report all sides of the story.

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING THE TED TALKS VIDEO ON THE RIGHT: TED, Alisa Miller, and PRI do not have or share any relation or affiliation to/with P.S. BEARING WITNESS and/or Sarah Jones Reports.

Editor-in-Chief Sarah Jones Photo by Billy Rood

Photo by Billy Rood